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Carmi in the Land of Fairytales

Children book by Ruvi Rosenthal about the curios girl Carmi, in her journey to the land of fairytales.
In order to meet the queen, she has to create her own tale.
It is a book about listening to the world and nature around you, the events and friends you meet and about words! 

Carmi queen

I took great inspiration from the text itself.
Aside from a special and careful look at nature, the text felt ever-changing, dynamic, and circular- like Karmi's, the protagonist, journey, and like the passing seasons that warp us.
with this feeling, I've tried bringing the joy of the changing nature with my illustrations. drawing special details and trying to convey movement with dynamic compositions, lines and character poses.


Drawing the whole book just with colored pencils was a challenge. This medium brought a nature-like feeling and precision. But it also meant that was no paint to fill spaces and form shapes, only pencil strokes. making me draw carefully (and slowly) every bit of paper. There are many good lessons one could learn from working on a full scale project, but at least I liked the result.

10 spread new.jpg

Carmi in the Land of Fairytales - published by Keter Ltd, 2019
כרמי הולכת לארץ הסיפורים - הוצאת כתר, 2019

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