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מעשיות משנים קדמוניות- ספר מאויר למעשיות רבי נחמן

Tales of Rabbi Nachman (Sipurei Ma`asiyot)

An illustrated book for the tales of Rabbi Nachman.
Done as part of my final project at
Shenkar's Visual Community department.

Like the tales themselves, I've attempted to get out of the regular Chassidic aesthetic. It was done while taking inspiration from many different styles and centuries- 20's cartoons, European and Russian fairy tales books and Renaissance manuscripts.

מעשיות משנים קדמוניות Tales of Rabbi Nachman

One of the few difficulties was making every tale unique with their own visual approach. Starting by analyzing each story and finding their special message or theme, summarizing their basic massage for myself and turning it into a visual theme. This visual key could be a special layout, technique or certain cultural objects I integrated into the illustrations.

The book is 130 pages long and illustrated only by black ink. 2017

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